Exchange 2013 CU6 Hybrid Hotfix KB2997355

Microsoft released a hybrid hotfix KB2997355 for Exchange 2013 CU6 on September 1, 2014.

This fixes Exchange Online tasks using the Exchange Admin Center. For example, you are not able to create Office 365 mailboxes, change mailboxes, or create and enable an archive mailbox. PowerShell cmdlets are not affected and work properly.

Unfortunately, the fix has several issues as well:

1. The script to fix the issue looks for the XAML file in the default Program Files folder, using the default Exchange installation folder. Michel de Rooij published an updated fix here. It checks the installation path of your Exchange environment if it’s in another directory instead of the default.

2. After installation of the Microsoft hotfix KB2997355, some users are wondering why the EAC has a 500 error after login:

The updated file is called “RemoteDomains.XAML” and you can see an error event with id 4 in your application log. The file is located in %Exchange Installation Path%\ClientAccess\ecp\DDI\RemoteDomains.XAML.

Take a look at the line “<Variable DataObjectName=”RemoteDomain” Name=”TargetDeliveryDomain” Type=”{x:Type s:Boolean}” /> and check if this entry is present twice.

Make a backup of the original file, delete the second entry, and restart IIS.

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