OneDrive Personal Windows 10: Show All Online-Only Files Workaround

With OneDrive personal in Windows 10, Microsoft disabled the possibility to show online-only files in Windows Explorer. There are plans to activate this feature in the future changes of OneDrive personal.

Most tablets and notebooks, especially Microsoft Surface and ultra book devices came up with an 256 GB or 512 GB SSD by default. Every OneDrive personal user with an Office 365 subscription automatically can access 1 TB free storage.

You can use the following workaround to access, change and delete all your online-only files in the Windows Explorer without downloading your complete data.

1. Navigate to and login with your Microsoft Account.

2. Copy your ID number from the browser URL


3. Open “This PC” (your Windows Explorer) and map a new network drive

4. Use the URL “<ID&gt;

5. Select “Reconnect at sign-in” and “Connect using different credentials”

6. Type in your Microsoft Account credentials

7. Click “Finish”

8. You can optionally rename your drive to “OneDrive” or similar names

Now you can access all your online-only files from your recently mapped network drive without downloading the hole content to your hard disk.

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