Microsoft Ignite 2017: BRK4029 – Inside Exchange Online

Matt Gossage and Ananth Sundararaj show how Exchange Online works. The engineering leaders who design and build the infrastructure reveal the secrets of deep neural networks, machine learning, substrate, shards, and much more. They also share how these mystical creatures actually impact IT pros and users of Exchange and Outlook.

Behind the curtains – how we run Exchange Online:

  • Exchange Online Scale:20170925_182116681_iOS
  • Exchange Online Footprint:20170925_182252480_iOS
  • Office 365 – Recent worldwide uptimes:20170925_182655645_iOS

Rescue Box builds on automatically actions, based on intelligence. Humans never been involved.

Feedback Analysis checks the differences between every month to increase the service availability every time.20170925_183948194_iOS 1

Office 365 Substrate Pulse is an internal reporting and monitoring tool from Microsoft for Office 365. If autorecover is not successful, Microsoft will fire an incident onto the dashboard an engineer gets informed.20170925_184247064_iOS 1

Support calls are tracked as well in this Office 365 Substrate Pulse dashboard.

Machine Learning is running in the background for helping identify incidents and problems.

Service Intelligence: Speed of Light

  • Low latency routing architecture
  • Low latency storage innovation

Intelligent Routing: Client connectivity:20170925_185006088_iOS 1

Intelligent Routing: App Request Routing20170925_185559592_iOS

Service Intelligence: Optimal Mailbox Location

Exchange Online is tracking the user location for accessing Office 365 services and stampes this information into this mailbox. For example, it makes no sense to connect from San Francisco to an mailbox located in China. The mailbox is moved to the best possible location based on resource utilization and network latency which compliance boundaries.20170925_185927948_iOS

MetaCacheDB: Intelligent Storage Tiering20170925_190309281_iOS

Earning and maintaining customers’ trust:20170925_190507824_iOS

You can now encrypt your mailbox data with customer controlled encryption keys in Office 365 (more on this later).

Bing Powered EXO Search announced today:20170925_191102472_iOS.jpg

Productivity Intelligence Model:20170925_191820686_iOS

Hardware Innovation:20170925_191959199_iOS

Machine Learning in action:

Development of Focused Inbox:20170925_192215079_iOS.jpg

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