Microsoft Ignite 2017 – Keynote summary notes

      • Day 1 was the traditionally Keynote day of Microsoft Ignite 2017
      • Julia:
        • Automatically translation of the Keynote into 12 languages based on AI
      • Satya:
        • Digital Transformation of every life and industry
        • Enabling Digital Transformation20170925_131603154_iOS
        • Microsoft 365 describes the modern workplace
          • Mixed Reality and Hololens and Oasis Headsets as part of Microsoft 365
          • The frontier of new collaboration
      • Raanah (Modern Workplace)
        • Demonstration how Ford is using Mixed Reality with Hololens with Rachel and Terry
        • With Microsoft Teams, the team is alerted that someone created a note with Hololens
        • They will be able to join a call for all people around the world an all are seeing the same experiences with Hololens
        • Empowering people to collaborate in the same shared experience anywhere around the world20170925_132223481_iOS 1
      • Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Graph
        • It represents or it captures the knowledge for your people in their relationship with other people inside and outside your organization
        • First integration with Microsoft 365 and Graph was LinkedIn
        • For example, you can see all the others in your network who are attending Ignite
        • Using latest technologies with AI for Microsoft Graph
      • Li-Chen Miller (Modern Workplace)
        • Shows an example with LinkedIn Graph with Microsoft 365 Graph
        • Search
          • More intelligent, more personal, and more contextualized for search across Microsoft 365
          • Bing for Business and a direct connection to Office 365, Delve, and Azure Active Directory can transform all information in one place20170925_133623640_iOS
          • Bing for Business use machine reading comprehension and deep learning models for searching specific documents, policies, files, and other stored information
          • Cortana can connect to Office 365 and automatically set the auto email responder, if you tell her, you want to schedule vacation for a specific date and time
          • Bing for Business is available for a private preview today
      • AI-First and Mixed Reality applications, for example Trimble, using both Azure and mixed reality
      • Tetra Pak ins in a food packaging and processing for liquid food industry and is using Mixed Reality and Hololens
      • Land O’Lakes
      • University of Cambridge
      • Epic is using Azure, 200 mio records are stored in Azure. Detect long before medical problems happens.
      • Intelligent Cloud and intelligent Edge applications is happening today.

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