About me

72-atwork-portraitsMy name is Dominik Hoefling and I work as a Security Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. Prior to this role, I bring more than 12 years of consulting experience: starting with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, Identity, and Security. Furthermore, I was a Microsoft MVP for Office Apps & Services since January 2018. Unfortunately, I had to give up the award when I started working at Microsoft.

At Microsoft, I’m in a customer-facing role, owning the overall technical relationship and strategy between the customer and Microsoft. Helping them to define a secure strategy, architecture, and implementation of necessary security controls aligned with Azure Security Services including Threat Protection, Monitoring, Cloud Security, and Identity and Access Management. Defense in Depth, Secure by Design, Zero Trust, and the Azure Well-Architected Framework – Security are my daily basic tools to secure customer environments.