Delegated Administration with Azure Active Directory Administrative Units

Office 365 comes with a set of admin roles that can be assigned to users within your organization. Each admin role maps to common business functions and gives your users permissions to do specific tasks in the Office 365 admin center and Windows PowerShell.
This is especially true for large organizations or universities with multiple brands or decentralized administration within a single Office 365 tenant, the default admin roles can cause headaches. While the delegation of permissions in Exchange Online works very well with Role Based Access Control (RBAC), other applications and services are hard to manage at a granular level. For example, license management or helpdesk for different countries, brands, and organizations. In these organizations, only a subset of administrative users are allowed to edit properties based on their region or brand.

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Microsoft Ignite 2017: BRK3155 – Thrive in as an enterprise organization in Microsoft Exchange Online

Large enterprise customers often have unique and specialized requirements for adoption Exchange Online. This session showcases the lifecycle of an enterprise customer leveraging features designed just for them. Demo and some several new features will be covered, such as Mailbox Plans, Client Access Rules, on send event APIs, and a first look at technology for mergers and divestitures.

The full recorded session can be found here:

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Microsoft Ignite 2017 – Keynote summary notes

      • Day 1 was the traditionally Keynote day of Microsoft Ignite 2017
      • Julia:
        • Automatically translation of the Keynote into 12 languages based on AI
      • Satya:
        • Digital Transformation of every life and industry
        • Enabling Digital Transformation20170925_131603154_iOS
        • Microsoft 365 describes the modern workplace
          • Mixed Reality and Hololens and Oasis Headsets as part of Microsoft 365
          • The frontier of new collaboration
      • Raanah (Modern Workplace)
        • Demonstration how Ford is using Mixed Reality with Hololens with Rachel and Terry
        • With Microsoft Teams, the team is alerted that someone created a note with Hololens
        • They will be able to join a call for all people around the world an all are seeing the same experiences with Hololens
        • Empowering people to collaborate in the same shared experience anywhere around the world20170925_132223481_iOS 1
      • Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Graph
        • It represents or it captures the knowledge for your people in their relationship with other people inside and outside your organization
        • First integration with Microsoft 365 and Graph was LinkedIn
        • For example, you can see all the others in your network who are attending Ignite
        • Using latest technologies with AI for Microsoft Graph
      • Li-Chen Miller (Modern Workplace)
        • Shows an example with LinkedIn Graph with Microsoft 365 Graph
        • Search
          • More intelligent, more personal, and more contextualized for search across Microsoft 365
          • Bing for Business and a direct connection to Office 365, Delve, and Azure Active Directory can transform all information in one place20170925_133623640_iOS
          • Bing for Business use machine reading comprehension and deep learning models for searching specific documents, policies, files, and other stored information
          • Cortana can connect to Office 365 and automatically set the auto email responder, if you tell her, you want to schedule vacation for a specific date and time
          • Bing for Business is available for a private preview today
      • AI-First and Mixed Reality applications, for example Trimble, using both Azure and mixed reality
      • Tetra Pak ins in a food packaging and processing for liquid food industry and is using Mixed Reality and Hololens
      • Land O’Lakes
      • University of Cambridge
      • Epic is using Azure, 200 mio records are stored in Azure. Detect long before medical problems happens.
      • Intelligent Cloud and intelligent Edge applications is happening today.

OneDrive Personal Windows 10: Show All Online-Only Files Workaround

With OneDrive personal in Windows 10, Microsoft disabled the possibility to show online-only files in Windows Explorer. There are plans to activate this feature in the future changes of OneDrive personal.

Most tablets and notebooks, especially Microsoft Surface and ultra book devices came up with an 256 GB or 512 GB SSD by default. Every OneDrive personal user with an Office 365 subscription automatically can access 1 TB free storage.

You can use the following workaround to access, change and delete all your online-only files in the Windows Explorer without downloading your complete data.

1. Navigate to and login with your Microsoft Account.

2. Copy your ID number from the browser URL


3. Open “This PC” (your Windows Explorer) and map a new network drive

4. Use the URL “<ID&gt;

5. Select “Reconnect at sign-in” and “Connect using different credentials”

6. Type in your Microsoft Account credentials

7. Click “Finish”

8. You can optionally rename your drive to “OneDrive” or similar names

Now you can access all your online-only files from your recently mapped network drive without downloading the hole content to your hard disk.

Microsoft Roadshow 2015

You can download our german slides from the Microsoft Roadshow 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The subjects were “Exchange 2016 – what’s new”, “Exchange 2016 – Hybrid”, “Exchange 2016 – Migration” and “Skype 4 Business – what’s new”.

Sessions were presented by Sigi Jagott, Thomas Poett, Dennis Winkelmann and myself.

Download link:!ApvEqumCGaOPiYBORIW0PL59J2cbMQ

Mobile Device Management (MDM) In Office 365

The growth of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, changed the world rapidly. Today, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), there are almost as many mobile devices as humans on the planet: about 7 billion.

Mobile devices changed the way we live, work, gather information, and communicate together. Facebook has more than 150 million active users currently accessing its services through their mobile devices. Twitter users post 80% of tweets using their smartphones or tablets. Every company in the world uses mobile devices for their business.

Most notably, business users store very important information on their devices, such as emails, certificates, pictures, etc. Most of this stored information isn’t intended for the general public. Mobile device security and management is mandatory for every company and its users. As such, mobile device security and management should not be an afterthought.

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Microsoft Technical Server Summit 14 – Duesseldorf, Germany

Meet us at Server Summit 2014 in Duesseldorf, Germany from 10/15 to 10/17/2014! All sessions are in our native language German.

Sessions Sigi Jagott:

10/16/2014 @ 1:15 pm: Exchange Hybrid – When you should use it and how you should set it up?

10/16/2014 @ 2:30 pm: Secure communication in Exchange and Office 365

Hands-On-Lab Sigi Jagott and me:

10/17/2014 @ 9:00 am and 1:30 pm: Setting up an Exchange Hybrid Deployment


Top 10 Tips for Supporting & Troubleshooting Lync 2013

Have you recently deployed Lync 2013 or thinking about it? Microsoft’s latest platform has some really powerful features and will enable your user to communicate more efficiently. Setting up, configuring and ongoing support of Lync 2013 is not a trivial task. A Lync deployment is complex and involves cooperation of your networking, SQL, telecommunications and Exchange teams. Hence troubleshooting is almost never easy and root causes are hard to pinpoint. Attend this webinar to learn Best Practice Tips that will enable you to support Lync 2013 faster and easier.

My colleague Dennis Winkelmann will present the webinar in our native language German.